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Endless possibilities

The first Widget Editor

Flex Widgets is the first real widget editor. It introduces you to a world of endless possibilities. Build widgets however you want with our super intuitive widget editor.

Place elements on your widget, move, resize and edit them. Change the font, the color, the rotation, or basically anything you would like to change.😲

Super intuitive editor

Intuitive and powerful

With Flex Widgets editing widgets is finally fun. Our editor is super intuitive and simple but still the most powerful widget editor in the App Store!💪

Move widget elements on top of each other, change their opacity, place images, slideshows, weather elements, calendars, drawings, buttons, icons, texts, emojis, health charts and many more elements on your widget and configure them however you want.

Flex with your widgets

Share your widgets

With Flex Widgets sharing your widgets with the world is super easy. Just hit share and send your widget to anyone who would also like to have it on the iPhone or iPad homescreen.

That means not even your creativity limits you from having awesome widgets, just let others build you your widgets.😅

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